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Cofide (the Peruvian Development Bank), and Alta Experiential Learning (Alta XL), Carry Out Last Sta

This tuesday december 20th, at 8:00pm, at Cofide’s auditorium (Augusto Tamayo 160, San Isidro), will take place the Christmas edition for the Startup Grind Lima chapter. This edition will begin with a keynote from Paul Ahlstrom, Managing Director of Alta Ventures and Director of Alta XL. Also, on this special edition, the official launching of Alta XL (altaxl.com), the educational platform for entrepreneurs. “The main purpose of this initiative is to share with the community the programs that the company does for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem”, stated Paul Ahlstrom, Managing Director of Alta Ventures. It’s a free entry open for the general public. Only previous registration is required through their platform.

Startup Grind seeks to promote a collaborative space in which entrepreneurs, investors, members of the academic community, government agents and others can share the best practices and generate relationships based on trust. For the past two years, Alta XL along with COFIDE, have been carrying out the Startup Grind’s editions in Lima and Arequipa. The event consists in the interview of a successful entrepreneur or investor, local or international, who share their knowledge, experiences and the lessons learned in the road towards the construction of big companies.

“During this last 2 years we have executed more than 20 editions of Startup Grind Lima and over 16 editions of Startup Grind Arequipa, positively impacting more than 4000 entrepreneurs, university students and other stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in both departments”, said Stephanie Martinez, CEO of Alta Experiential Learning. Some of the speakers during the events include: Rodrigo Aramburú (CEO of Blazing DB), Amparo Nalvarte (CEO & founder of Culqi), Eric Merritt, who worker for more than 8 years in Amazon.com, Paul Ahlstrom (Partner of Alta Ventures and Director of Alta XL), among other great entrepreneurs.

Sobre Startup Grind

Startup Grind es la más grande comunidad de startups que educa, inspira y conecta a 400,000 fundadores en más de 200 ciudades del mundo, incluyendo Lima y Arequipa. Fundado en Silicon Valley en el 2010, Startup Grind ha realizado más de 2,000 charlas desde sus inicios y ayudado a millones de emprendedores a encontrar mentores, conectarse con socios, buscar fondos e incluso llegar a nuevos usuarios.

About Startup Grind

Startup Grind is the biggest community of startups that educates, inspires, and connects 400,000 startup founders in more than 200 cities around the world, including Lima and Arequipa. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Startup Grind has executed more than 2,000 meetups since they first launched and has helped a million entrepreneurs to find mentors, connect them to co-founders, fundraise and even reach new users.

For more information visit: https://www.startupgrind.com/lima/ o https://www.startupgrind.com/arequipa/


COFIDE, the Development Bank of Peru has a triple impact strategy that lies on top of their strategic pillars: support investments in production activities, through financing infrastructure and environmental projects; the development of the social infrastructure and decentralized investments; and the strengthen and support of SMEs.

As part of the last pillar, COFIDE also promotes innovation and the development of the venture capital industry, which is a consequence of the rising and consolidation of startups that offer innovative products and services with capacity to operate overseas and to generate high quality jobs.

For more information visit: www.cofide.com.pe

About Alta Experiential Learning

Alta Experiential Learning (Alta XL), a subsidiary of Alta Ventures, is an organization which sole purpose is to catalyze the Peruvian and Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem. The group has a lot of experience in the development of startup ecosystems, early stage investments, business development, and global networks to bring best practices and international resources to Peru. The vision of Alta XL is to help diversify and grow the Peruvian economy by accelerating the development of the venture capital industry in the country, and as a consequence create knowledge economy jobs.

For more information visit: www.altaxl.com

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